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Demand for Boss from all sections of the industry is high and includes Zone 1 applications, where traditional access systems are either unsafe or unsuitable.

Boss Zone 1 is available in 1450mm and 850mm (narrow width) ladder spans and is made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP - Also known as Fibreglass). It wont spark or conduct electricity and combines strength, durability and ease of use.

Features & Benefits
  • Zone 1 rated - universally safe to use
  • Tough, durable, high strength material - long lasting and enhanced appearance
  • Impact resistant fittings - reduced damage and down time
  • Warm and clean to use - efficient handling
  • Colour coded components - easy identification and inventory control
  • Nylon spigots - prevents frames from jamming and reduces damage
  • No scrap value - increased security on site
  • High visible colour - increased safety on site

Only use certified Boss Zone 1 fibre glass components - never mix different tower materials or mix components from other tower suppliers.

Always refer to the Boss Zone 1 assembly guide before erecting or dismantling the tower.

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