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Caspian now stock the latest ranges of temporary fencing for both Sales and Hire. This includes the innovative welding technique Smartweld.

From the animation you will see how the ends are formed and then using the specially designed CNC welding system, this is used to fuse the vertical and horizontal tube together. The Smartweld process provides a 360 degree weld effect which has been tested to be more than 70% stronger than conventional Mig Welded Joints, which dramatically improves the overall strength and life span of our fencing system.

(Smartweld is the name given to a unique method of projection welding used to construct the tubular frame of our temporary fencing products.)

The modern day temporary fencing system comprises of three main components:

- The Temporary Fence Panel
- Footing (Concrete or Thermo-Plastic)
- Coupler

When used together the Temporary Fencing system provides a method of site protection that promotes safety and security, whilst being versatile and economical in use.

The Temporary Fencing system is most commonly used in or around construction sites, for keeping workers and the general public away from construction hazards, however there are a number of other common applications such as: Site Perimeter Fencing at pop concerts, fairs and exhibitions as well as traffic containment at road works, temporary car parks etc.

Anti-Climb Temporary Fencing
The Anti-Climb range of temporary fence panels were specially designed to conform with the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) G.S.7 recommendation that has recently been superceded with HS (G) 151 which is a guidance note on the prevention of accidents to children on construction sites. Please note all Global Building Supplies Anti-Climb Temporary Fence panels conform with the latest HSE recommendations.

The Anti-Climb Range has a special close mesh aperture and is ideally suited to use in areas which have general public access.The Anti-Climb range is the preferred product of the Hire Industry because of its all-round general use and durability

Gate sections can be added to your fencing or hoarding line to provide access for Vehicles with a 4.6mtr opening or I Pedestrians with a 1.2mtr opening.


Anti Lift Device

Barbed wire extension

Standard Concrete foot

Twin block concrete foot

Thermo Plastic Foot

Along with the standard fence panels we have a full range to cover all your needs for fencing. We can supply Pedestrian Gates, Vehicle Gates and also if needed extra rubber or concrete blocks with plenty of clips in stock at all times.

Please Contact one of our Depots to make your site or event secure and safe.

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