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Best quality European Whitewood is selected for the manufacture of our scaffold boards. This is imported from top quality mills that can guarantee that all the timber is from sustainable forests, either to their national standards or the F.S.C. standards, conserving the earth's natural resources. All types of timber selected for use at Caspian meet the exacting standards laid out by the British Standards Institute in standard BS2482: 1981 "Specification for Timber Scaffold Boards". Production and quality of the scaffold boards is tightly controlled in-line with our Quality Assurance Accreditation certificate ISO9003.

Grade A Boards

These scaffold boards fully comply with the standards issued by the British Standards Institute and are monitored for quality under our ISO9003 accreditation. The BSI licence held by Caspian Scaffolding is applicable to both Visually Graded boards and Machine Graded boards.

All BS2482: 1981 scaffold boards are marked with the following information, which is embossed on to the end plates:
  • BS2482 and the BSI Kite mark
  • The Caspian BSI Licence Number - KM 55149
  • The letters VG (Visually Graded) or MG (Machine Graded), as specified by the customer.
  • Customer details (if applicable)
  • The words "Support Every l.5m Max"

Fire Retardant

Flame and fire retardant scaffold boards are also available from our range. Using chemical impregnation techniques, both the flame and fire retardant treatments are guaranteed, "leach free".

Fire Retardant Scaffolding Recommended By National Access & Scaffolding Confederation


Security and identification of scaffold boards is an ever-growing concern to our customers. To address this problem, Caspian Scaffolding offers the following services:

  • Personalised end-bands with either the companies logo or name embossed in to the end-band.
  • Personalised ness nailed plates with either the companies logo or name embossed in to the ness plate.
  • The companies logo or name branded in to the side of the timber scaffold boards or battens.

Nailed Plates

These toothed plates are affixed to the Scaffold boards to assist in the prevention of splitting down the length of the board therefore enhancing the life of them. These galvanised nail plates are applied under pressure to ensure that they do not extend above the face of the board. These can be affixed as required but only within 230mm of the board ends on BS2482 boards and 250mm on Grade 'A' boards. Commonly 4 plates are affixed per board up to 3.9m in length.

End Bands

Caspian Scaffolding use the latest 'tooth type' end bands on the majority of their boards. These new end bands are of a similar design to a normal scaffplate with teeth at the centre and sides of the band. Once attached to the scaffold board, the band is extremely difficult to remove.

The major advantages of using these types of end bands are:
  • Less time spent by personnel refurbishing the end bands.
  • Nail free, no snags.

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