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K-stage is a universally established prefabricated scaffolding system. Used for both access and shoring applications it's inherent simplicity is what makes K-stage a versatile, efficient and cost effective alternative to traditional tube and coupler scaffolds. K-stage access scaffolding can be used for new build, as well as repair and maintenance projects including commercial, residential, housing, industrial, leisure, stadiums, ship building, civil & utilities.


C-lok is the unique method of connecting ledgers and transoms to the standard in one single action without the use of nuts, bolts or wedges. The locking device is formed by two cups, a fixed lower cup which is welded to the standard at pre-located 0.5m intervals, and a sliding upper cup. The forged blade ends of ledgers and transoms are located into the lower cup, the upper cup is moved down and rotated to secure the component in place and tightened by a hammer blow to give a positive and rigid connection. It is this revolutionary node point locking principle which make C-lok faster to erect than any other scaffold system. There is no time wasted in lining-up pockets on standards. It does not have pockets at different levels. There are no loose parts to get lost and no delays trying to straighten damaged wedges.


The alternative solution to Steel Trestles and Scaffold Boards.

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